Sending flower to Men

Ten years ago—maybe even alone 5 years ago—sending flowers to a man was almost exceptional or not in vogue. After all, what blowing man wants to accept he brand to yield time to that appears to smell the roses?
But ours is a world that change comes fast, and today it’s not uncommon to see men traveling to the spa for a facial or mud bath, or sitting down in the armchair for a manicure. Next to these kinds of things, flowers for men assume absolute quaint!

And for every man, there is a flower! (Ok, for some men, it may still accept to be a plant.) However, just like a guy will hide the reality that he occasionally watches “Desperate Housewives,” he may aswell apparently accept agitation accepting upfront as to what kinds of flowers he likes.

That’s area Avon Chadigarh Florist can help, because we’ve been asking our customers and industry accompany what flowers for guys they recommend, and we’re going to share our experiences with you

What colors and arrange are a lot of adapted to forward to men?

We’re not saying men like white and black alone, but based on the opinions of a lot of guys we’ve talked to, it’s apparently best to abstain delicate colors or arrange that are too busy. Choose a “masculine” monochromatic palette, such as dendrobium acclaim bouquets in white or purple, or elegant sunflower bouquets which are generally acceptable flowers for guys. Added than a few men told us they adore close flowers like birds of paradise as they accept “personality” and a “strong appearance.”

Contemporary floral arrangements, with able world-pie curve and a added accustomed style, are many for guys. It is aswell important to remember that few flowers can consider as powerful and manly flowers such as:


Red roses—romantic love

Yellow roses—friendship


Bamboo—good luck

Through Avon Chandigarh Florist sending flowers for men is really easy. Just click and order flower of your man choice and send them.

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